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Websites for Business

Web Monkey is an experienced web design and management service in Hobart, Tasmania. We build creative, functional websites and take the hard work out of looking after them.

If you haven’t got the time or technical knowledge to manage your business website or your content management system is outdated and insecure – Web Monkey can help.

Our websites are built by trained graphic designers to match your branding, and we can carry that style over into custom Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any number of other social media integrations.

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We’ll help you find the right solution for your business website.

WordPress Managed Hosting

netorigin hostingIf your site is hosted overseas for $1/month, or added on to your neighbour’s nephew’s blog account you may have noticed it lacking in terms of speed and technical support. In these cases your search engine ranking suffers, as does everyone’s user experience. Professional standard hosting is essential for business sites.

With this in mind we recommend Netorigin. Servers are located in Australia for optimum data speed and 24/7 local support. Regular hosting includes a range of features like free SSL, full cpanel, backups and much more. All with 30-day money back guarantee.

Select Managed WordPress for high performance including,

  • Management – plugins and theme files always up to date
  • Virus & malware scanning
  • Additional resources like CPU, RAM, and disk IO with caching technologies so your website is always loading fast.

Register your domain name while you’re there, and you’re ready to start building.

WordPress Installation/Setup

So you have secured your domain name and hosting space at Netorigin. What now?

Web Monkey offers a complete WordPress installation and setup, with the latest WordPress version and a selection of necessary plugins to ensure security and performance. Once installed, you can log in and start adding your content, with Web Monkey’s support along the way. Custom theme design is available, or you can be pleasantly surprised at the cost saving by choosing a professionally designed theme ‘off the shelf’.




This is the popular plugin that lets you run an ecommerce or dropshipping store from within the WordPress dashboard. It’s fully customisable and can be extended in all directions. The base plugin is free with a number of free and paid extensions to suit your own requirements.

Web Monkey can set you up with a Woocommerce store ready to start adding products and earning the big bucks.


Shopify is a self-hosted ecommerce platform with everything you need to sell online as a dropshipper, Amazon FBA or from your own warehouse. Click for a free 14-day trial, or contact Web Monkey to help you get started.

From small craft shops to big brand names, Shopify offers the most reliable hosted solution with 24/7 support.

Password Security

lastpass password generator

The LastPass password generator

Password/username combos are a painful but unavoidable fact of internet life. Your WordPress website dashboard is yet another login to remember, so what’s the best way to go about it? Some people choose a password that is simple to remember, and use it for everything. Trouble is, if that password was discovered or guessed, a hacker could gain access to everything else you log in to.

If you use a dictionary word, a pet’s name or anything a computer might find guessable, you are at risk. Ideally, a password will contain a long string of mixed characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters – AND – you’ll have a different unique password for every website.

So what’s the solution?

LastPass is a browser plugin that generates and remembers login details for all your sites. You need to remember one password only – log in to LastPass and let it do the work. Suitable for Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS.

The Premium version costs $2/month, with a 14-day trial period.